How to choose a right cottage while travelling?

choose a right cottage

How to choose a right cottage while travelling?

Looking for the right accommodation on a travel spree is a task. You have to find the perfect one that will check all the boxes. But firstly, knowing what these boxes are is essential! We’ve come up with a few tips which you should consider before zeroing down to a cottage for your vacation:

Well, it’s a cottage in a remote place away from the city, which is why it is not right for you to expect lavish facilities. But you could always inquire and insist on the essential amenities required to ensure you have a comfortable stay. Clean bathrooms and linen, utensils, cooking material, are things you can insist upon.

You may be in a jolly holiday mood, but that doesn’t stop anything untoward from happening. In case of emergencies, it’s always better to know who’s nearest so that you can get timely help if needed. Keep such contact details handy.

Shops nearby:
Again, you can’t expect shops to be like supermarkets with everything in them. But just in case you fall short of some cooking materials, always make sure you know some of the local shops where you can hop in for a quick purchase.



Before zeroing down on any cottage, make sure you take into consideration reviews of people who’ve already been to it. This will help you get a clear idea as to whether or not the cottage fulfils your requirements. Also, you can ask the owner to send as many photos of the cottage as they can, so that you can make an informed decision and won’t be in for any surprises.

Drinking water:
If there’s a lake nearby, don’t opt for drinking water from it. You should never choose for drinking water from any stagnant water body, unless and until it’s a well. Even better, you can take your bottled water along so that you don’t face any difficulty.

Child and pet –friendly:
Make sure that the cottage is both child and pet-friendly. This is to keep your kids on a safer side. And when it comes to pets, every owner will not be comfortable with having pets in his home. So better get your facts clarified at the beginning itself.

Reliable sources:
Make sure you rent the cottage with the aid of a reliable source. Many online platforms help you make an excellent choice for a getaway accommodation. So, make use of these platforms and then choose what’s best for you.

Hope these tips help!

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