Businesses around our area

Businesses around our area

A lot of people make decisions based on the amenities and businesses that are found near their travel location. We’re a boutique inn situated by scenic Mill Creek. Today we are going to provide a spotlight on one of the local businesses that we have had the pleasure to work with over the past few years.

Introducing Hu’s Enterprises

We first met Jax and his team when we were seeking Airbnb management services for our inn while we vacationed in Europe. At the time, Airbnb was still in its infancy and companies that specialized in traditional vacation rentals were charging an arm and a leg. We know that quality management isn’t cheap, but the rates we were quoted were just out of the question. We believed that because we are an Airbnb focused short term rental – the customers all come from that platform so a fee of 40% was simply unjustifiable for our operations.

Jax and his company offered us a solution – they would simply just manage our current operation with our cleaning staff in place. They allowed us to go about our vacation in peace! No more calls in the middle of night, they would provide 24/7 support to our customers. While their vacation rental management services is what brought us together, their other offerings are what we want to feature today.

Hu’s Enterprises also provides online reputation management. Since our partnership, we have expanded our online presence significantly. Jax was able to provide us with a cutting edge website that converts and is fully functional. Our customers have been raving about the functionality and the ease of access of relevant trip information. Having a platform to communicate and prepare guests for their stay has allowed us to charge a premium for our services! The price was more than fair as well, we received quotes from a few web agencies and their prices were magnitudes higher than Hu’s Enterprises.

Now that we have experienced the benefits of an online presence, we knew we had to engage them for more services. We constantly get calls regarding SEO and asked Jax about what he could do for our business. The answer was simple. Instead of paying tons of money for Google Ad words, he would reach out to directories in our area as well as news sites to get us featured. We wanted to see previous work, so he showed us an online e-commerce site that he has managed over the years.

The site is and is a video game services provider. He showed us graphs where he exponentially increased traffic with just on page optimization. We didn’t want toxic link building, so he was able to convince us that an outreach approach like he did for RSgoldstop was the way to go. If you take a look on Google to see the term buy osrs gold safe, you can see that the site is near the top!

We are sold! So now we just want to announce our continued partnership with Hu’s Enterprises. We hope that you guys are enjoying the functionality of our website and hope that the added exposure will allow us to update the inn with some goodies and new amenities. If you guys have any tips or feedback on how we can improve the site, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Have a great stay at the Inn on Mill Creek.


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